Italian Consulates in Canada

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Italian Embassy
275 Slater Street, 21st Floor
Tel:+1(0)613 2322401, Fasmiley+1 (0)613 2331484

Italian Consulate in Edmonton
1900, Royal Trust Tower / Edmonton Centre (Alberta) - T5J 2Z2

Italian Consulate in Hamilton
105, Main Street East - Suite 509 / Hamilton Ontario L8N IG6
Tel:+1 (0)905 5295030, Fasmiley+1 (0)905 5297028

Italian Consulate in Montreal
3489, Drummond Street / Montreal, Que. PQ H3G 1X6
Tel:+1 (0)514 8498351, Fasmiley1 (0)514 4999471

Italian Consulate in Toronto
136, Beverley Street / Toronto (Ontario) M5T 1Y5
Tel:+1 (0)416 9771566, Fasmiley+1 (0)416 977119

Italian Consulate in Vancouver
1100-510 West Hastings Street / Vancouver B.C. V6B 1L8
Tel:+1 (0)604 6847212, Fasmiley+1 (0)604 6854263


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