Interview with The Wicked Grape in Verona

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Name: Lawren & Steve


Date of Interview: October 03, 2007


Area of Italy you live in?


Let us know a little about yourself?

We are an American married couple, originally from Virginia, living in Verona. Steve is a fine artist and I am a graphic designer. We also brought our dog with us.

Why did you decide to move to Italy?

My old boss had lived in Verona for twenty years and had kept his apartment. He was looking for new tenants, so we decided Italy would be a nice change of pace (we had been to Verona one time before moving here).

What type of process did you go through to be able to move here?

I am applying for my cittadinanza and have a PdiS for that status.

What problems did you run into during the initial process and how were you able to fix them ?

No problems (yet).

How long have you been here?

Since December 2005, but with trips back to the States.

What type of adjustment problems have you had?

We have a difficult time with the open racism of some of the Veronese. We are caucasian (luckily, it seems), but were surprised by the open hostility towards stranieri, especially non-whites.

What do you wish someone had told you before you made the leap?

We kind of expected everything, except the above-mentioned racism.

What inside secret could you pass on to others looking to move over?

Bring a dog. You meet all sorts of people at the dog park (a very diverse crowd, all bonded by their love of animals).

Do you have any disappointments, things you thought would happen but haven't for whatever reasons ?

My husband has really picked up the language. I am sadly lagging behind. It should have been the other way around! :>

What has changed about you since you have been here ?

Our health is fantastic. We were never overweight, but now we are really fit and I don't have asthma any more.

Do you think that you will stay forever?

We would love to be tied to Italy forever. We miss a few things about America —especially not being close to our aging parents?but the quality of life here would be hard to give up.


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