Interview with Sandra in Tuscany

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Name: Sandra Vigon

Date of Interview: January 15, 2007


Area of Italy you live in?


Let us know a little about yourself?

I am married for almost thirty years. I am a semi retired Psychotherapist/Jungian analyst. I am British born and have lived in California for as long as I have been married. I am interested in mythology and philosophy and am also a sculptor.

Why did you decide to move to Italy?

We have been coming to Italy every year for holidays for about thirteen years. It was love at first sight for both of us. Being originally from the U.K. I really wanted to be back on the side of the world and espesially in Europe. We decided to make the leap, change our lives and move to Italy.

What type of process did you go through to be able to move here?

I am still a British citizen. I am currently awaiting my permesso di soggiorno so I can move on to the next step.

What problems did you run into during the initial process and how were you able to fix them ?

No problems yet but I'm sure that will come!

How long have you been here?

Four months

What type of adjustment problems have you had?

We are currently living in Florence. Meeting people and starting a whole new infrastructure to our lives is difficult and will clearly take time. I feel like I am in kindergarten much of the time, especially with the language.

What do you wish someone had told you before you made the leap?

We actually did a lot of homework and factored in the downsides as much as possible. we also had some friends who have lived here many years so that helped. So far there haven't been too many surprises. It is very expensive though espesially as our money is in dollars.

What inside secret could you pass on to others looking to move over?

Do your homework. Be devil's advocate and imagine how you will deal with "what if's'. i:e: What if I hate it?    Be flexible.

Do you have any disappointments, things you thought would happen but haven't for whatever reasons ?

Not to date.

What has changed about you since you have been here ?

I am relaxed and stress free!!!!

Do you think that you will stay forever?

That is the intention but we shall see.


Connecting with others at various stages of this process is so vital and so helpful. It's a huge life change.


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