Interview with Sada Sat in Umbria

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Name: Sada Sat


Date of Interview: September 14, 2006


Area of Italy you live in?

Northern Umbria

Let us know a little about yourself?

Married. Yoga Teacher, Homeopath.

Why did you decide to move to Italy?

My husband's ancestors are Sicilian. We started coming to Italy in 2001, kept coming back and got "hooked". We were ready for a BIG change in our lives so we decided to move to Italy.

What type of process did you go through to be able to move here?

We had to get a PdiS for self-employed (autonomo). Apparently the quota for these is very small. We had help from an attorney here in Italy. We moved here and then started the process of organizing all of our paperwork that we would need. Then returned to our Consulate in LA and went through the process there to get our Visas. Returned to Italy and completed the process here to get our PdiS. A year later we again had help from the attorney to renew or PdiS.

What problems did you run into during the initial process and how were you able to fix them ?

It just seemed like an endless amount of paperwork. We are pretty sure that we could not have done it all without being here and getting the papers in order here: everything from letters from our local bank to paperwork showing we actually had a place to live. We also could not have done it without the help of an Italian lawyer, partly because of the language barrier, which was much bigger for us at that time, and also because of his ability to work through the system and red tape. He also saved us a ton of time standing in very long lines--seems the lawyers get to wait in the short line with their clients!

How long have you been here?

Since May 2004

What type of adjustment problems have you had?

My Italian is just getting good enough now that I feel I can make any phone call that I need to, or ask anything in a shop, without feeling like I will be clueless when they respond and not know what is going on. There are certainly certain things that I miss from the US but my list of things to buy on trips there is getting smaller and smaller each time I go back.

What do you wish someone had told you before you made the leap?

That there is absolutely no way to rush things here. We kept thinking that we could just apply our American "can do" attitude and things would go faster in the restoration, or that there really is a way to do a particular thing that is understandable to us. We have learned that is not so. We have become very used to shrugging our shoulders and saying, "Boh!" For our move over--we thought we had found a good moving company with a decent price. We sold all of our furniture, even some antique pieces we loved, because we couldn't fit them into the shippping crates. We would have been better off, and probably cheaper, getting a container and just putting everything into it.

What inside secret could you pass on to others looking to move over?

If you are going to start a business here be prepared to support yourself without it's income for longer than you think you will need to. Have a good accountant to help you out with banking and taxes.

Do you have any disappointments, things you thought would happen but haven't for whatever reasons ?

I thought we would have our Yoga Retreat Center up and running within 6 months. It's now over two years and we are still waiting for all the paperwork to be completed. Not really disappointing but rather frustrating.

What has changed about you since you have been here ?

I've become more patient and more trusting of people. In the area we live people are truly helpful and caring.

Do you think that you will stay forever?

Forever is a long time! For now we are here and we love it


This site has been invaluable to us. Everyone has such good information and experience. I'm always happy to be able to add some of my own experience to help the 'newbies'. Thank you Cristina and crew!


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