Interview with Phoebescape in the US

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Name: Phoebe

Date of Interview: October 09, 2007


Area of Italy you will live in?

Tuscany or Umbria

Let us know a little about yourself?

I am single, raised my two kids and they are doing just fine (yeah!) I am sort of retired, I have been self-employed in construction, in swimming instruction, and in counseling but for now I am not needing (or wanting)to get a job. I just finished a masters degree in counseling studies, because I liked the cross-cultural emphasis. I mostly want to write and draw or paint. I spent six months in China last winter, teaching English, and had a great time but also an extremely challenging one. I think I learned more about people, the world, and myself in that six months than in many years previous.

Why have you decided to move to Italy?

I have it in the back of my mind, for no understandable reason, that Italy is where I need to be. So I want to explore and spend time there in the next few years, and probably buy property. I would enjoy a bed and breakfast- but just not sure what I can really afford to do.

If you haven't gotten here yet, what steps are you in the process of ?

I am trying to learn and understand the visa requirements and seem to be needing the ER visa- so starting to plan the whole process, but so far am more confused and intimidated than making any progress. I think I may move to Rhode Island so as to not have to deal with the San Francisco consulate- but need more information on that. I am thinking of taking classes in TEFL and Italian in Florence this winter, and wondering if I should get a visa first or just go with my passport- and plan to return within three months and then apply for the visa

Can you think of any other questions that should be added to this questionnaire?

Maybe something for not-yet-over-the-ponders like me, plans or potential plans- like for me, to teach English if that is really allowed, to own and run a bed-and breakfast type establishment, to learn Italian language and cooking. And to paint and write.

Can you think of anything that you would like seen added to this site?

I still haven't seen all of it, so can't say yet. So far it is impressive and an exciting find!


can I come back to this later?


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