Interview with Maria in Calabria

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City?   Calabria

Date of Interview?  July 19, 2005

Let us know a little about yourself?
I'm married for 7 years now but no kids smiley I work for a Multinational cie. where the corp office is in IL (USA)

Why did you decide to move to Italy?
At first I only wanted to continue with my fashion design course in Rome and before the end of my exams, I fell in Love with a wonderful man who lived in Calabria..
What type of process did you go through to be able to move here?
As both my parents are Italian I got dual citizenship easily.

How long have you been here?
For 11 years: 1 1/2 in Rome and 10 years in Calabria.
What type of adjustment problems have you had?
I had lots of problems... I had to learn to be very patient and to be wise...
What do you wish someone had told you before you made the leap ?
1) get all necessary info regarding healthcare; 2) get the college degree "equipolenza" before leaving Montreal; 3) save lots of money; 4) don't fall in love...

What inside secret could you pass on to others looking to move over?
You need to learn to be very patient and get help from an Italian friend or relative...
Do you have any disappointments, things you thought would happen but haven't for whatever reasons ?
Yes, I did have lots of disappointments

What has changed about you since you have been here ?
I'm not as healthy as I used to be... and when I lived in Montreal I always got what I wanted but here it is too complicated.

Do you think that you will stay forever?
We never know...


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