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Directory Listing

For the price of two cups of espresso coffee per month, your business can list in our directory. For most small businesses offering products or services, especially in limited geographical area, the directory listing is the most affordable option which specifically target to potential customers in their area.

List your business now and have it appear the same day: €3 / month

Web link placement is ranked top in Google search results for many relevant keywords, and offered an unique advantage to potentially help to increase your business' web presence. ExpatsInItaly has over 13000 organic links from around the web including many blogs written by former and current members. With its long history of web presence since 2004, placing a long-term link to your web site can be an influential factor in improving your Google search ranking.

When it comes to improving search result ranking, the search engine must be able to locate the link(s) to your web site and they must be active. Hence we only offer annual option for this.

Price: €60 / year (link only with a brief description)

The differences between this and the directory listing are:

1. Directory listing can contain a long description and several photos, phone number, email address and a link.

2. Directory listing is dynamically generated, whereas web link page is a static HTML page.

3. Directory listing can be paid by monthly or annually.

Contact us with the web site you would like to link and we'll place it on our link page.

Front Page Display Advertisement

However, if you want to bring your business, product or service into prominent display to our 10000+ registered members we have just the right solutions for you. Take a look at our advertisement sections on the home page. It is divided into four sections: Header ad, Slide show box ad, Mid-page widget ad, and Article placement.

ExpatsInItaly screen advertisement sections

If you would like to advertise your business or service, these are the current rates for a 6-month and 12-month commitment.

1. Header ad section
Prominently located between Expats In Italy web site logo and its beautiful photographic design elements, this is one of the most eye-catching spots on the web site. Due to consideration for the overall design asthetics, we can only offer a very limited space. All designs must be approved and fit in with the overall web site design.

Block size Price (euro) per month
1/8 Block 150 x 50 pixels 20 15
1/4 Block 150 x 100 pixels 38 28
1/2 Block 150 x 200 pixels 70 60
Full Block 300 x 200 pixels 150 135

2. Front page slide show box - the most prominent display ad space we offer, placed in the area with maximum visual attention for most visitors. This rotational display gives your business enough space to show both graphic and text and can link directly to your web page. The ads are randomized in order of appearance so every time a visitor loads the web page the order will be different (there are total of 12 randomized ads, and each has 1/4 (25%) chance to be displayed as top three and 1/12 (8.33%) chance to be the first one. However, we offer an option to make your ad top three placement in fixed position.

Appearance placement order Price (euro) per month
12-month paid upfront
Randomized 30 (fixed) 25
Guaranteed 3rd place 80 75
Guaranteed 2nd place 100 90
Guaranteed 1st place 120 110

3. Mid-page widget ad - Located in the center of the page, currently it is used to display currency exchange rates of popular currencies. However, we can accomodate up to two more (2) rotational advertisements.

Appearance placement order Price (euro) per month
12-month paid upfront
1st place 80 75
2nd place 70 65

4. Article placement - This is a very limited section, to ensure quality content, we only place genuinely useful articles about living in Italy in this section of the home page. We can accept only one (1) article that promotes a product or service per month. Request for the current month must be made by the 7th of that month. Your article must contain useful information, and the product or service you offer must be legal and solves a specific problem. All submissions are subject to editorial standard and approval, no payment will be accepted until it is approved. Articles are approved and published on a first-come, first-serve basis. Maximum length: 2000 words.

The link to your article will be on the front page for one month, and after that it will go to the archive section and remain for one year.

Article options Price (euro) one-time 3-month front page link
Aricle + one image + one link 90 120
Article + up to 5 images + 2 links 100 130


We can accept all major credit cards, e-Check, debit cards through Paypal. If you prefer to pay by bank wire transfer, we can accept it too. Contact us to advertise your business today.


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