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Just restored: Interview archives from expats in Italy

Long-time resident Cristina talks about how it is really like living in Italy.

Are you planning to ship a vehicle to Italy? Must read this.

Low-fee currency exchange

Currency Exchange Rates:

Data source: Yahoo Finance processed by Data Cozze. On Internet Explorer 9 and earlier, you may not see any data.

Don't risk ~$100 fine driving in Italy

Get Italian translation of U. S. driver license for only €9.99 and get a free bonus: common auto-related vocabulary translated from Italian to English. Get immediate delivery by email.

Difficulty of exchanging currency

Using your cell phone in Italy

Claim from €250 to €600 compensation for a cancelled or delayed flight

Talk about Italy...

Have a question? Post it here in our Flickr group.

Italy News in English from Corriere della Sera


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